The Observatory on Care Leavers is the analysis research tool that, within the CHILD project.For. CHILD, aims to provide a qualitative/quantitative dimension to the phenomenon of Care Leavers and how these are accompanied, within communities, towards a path of autonomy.

Project timing

April 2018 – March 2020

Search timing

November 2018 – March 2020

Drafting of research model November 2018 – February 2019

Investigation period February 2019 – April 2019

Data analysis May 2019-September 2019

Final report draft october 2019 – February 2020

Community Interviewed in Palermo

16 registered

10 contacted

9 participants

General objectives

Strengthening services currently provided by national care systems focused on improving care leavers

Ensure the integration of children’s rights into all policies aimed at children in care/Care Leavers;

Collection of statistical data on the social condition of children in care/care raise for the monitoring of areas over time

Specific objectives

  • Return a first photograph on the world of care leavers in the host communities in Palermo;

  • Monitor the situation of Care Leavers within the host communities;

  • Provide a quantitative database on the number of Care Leavers within the host communities and on some structural data;

  • Check the progress of minors housed in the Welcoming Communities 14-17 years of age and of Care Leavers and how the release phase takes place;

  • Monitor the adoption of good practices within the host communities with particular reference to the autonomy path for Care Leavers, also following the action of the Child.For.Child project;

  • Provide a standard scheme for detecting quantitative phenomena and measuring the effectiveness of good practices;

  • Provide lines of study and development of training courses for community workers and for other professional profiles who work in contact with Care Leavers.

Instruments of the Observatory

  • Personal data sheet for the collection of socio-demographic and context data of minors and Care Leavers hosted in the reception communities of the municipality of Palermo for minors 14-17;

  • Survey questionnaire of good practices organized in 8 sections based on Community Good Practices – “Palermo Model”:

Observatory and monitoring model

F GIS Table | Care Leavers | Minor
GIS Table | Care Leavers | Foreigne
rs GIS table | European | Min
or GIS Table | Presence| Foreign

The Personal Data Sheet


The good practice monitoring model


1. First Area – General Implementing Measures


2. Second Area – Definition of Minor


3. Third Area – General Principles of Listening


4. Fourth Area – Civil Rights and Freedoms


5. Fifth Area – Family Environment


6. Sixth Area – Health and Care


7. Seventh Area – Education, Play and Culture


8. Eighth Area – Special Measures