Childforchild Training Toolkit

The ChildforChild Training Toolkit is a set of training modules that aim to transfer skills or updating skills to beneficiaries throughout the process of welcoming and managing the child out of the family in light of the changes taking place and the new methodologies applied in Europe. It is the result of the training session that took place between the end of January and the beginning of February at the University of Palermo in which they participated as teachers, the Guarantor of childhood and adolescence of the municipality of Palermo, the coordinator of social services of the municipality of Palermo, researchers of the Institute of the Innocents of Florence, Researchers of the University of Sassari, representatives of the association Facilitating , representatives of bucharest municipality-sector IV.

An analysis of the needs carried out shows the need to increase knowledge of the phenomenon in the population, in the institutions, in political decision-makers, so that these children do not feel alone, and above all so that not only their needs but also their desires and hopes are heard. In this way it is possible to work on new programs that point to the acquisition of a level of autonomy of the boy that puts him in a position to be ready to leave the reception when the time comes. But to do this it also takes intensive networking that involves services, public and private institutions and the involvement of the family of origin where it can be a resource.

The main objectives of this training material are:

  • Raising awareness of the phenomenon of children out of work
  • Improving the management of out-of-family children in communities
  • Increase the implementation of programs aimed at acquiring greater autonomy
  • Provide data on the situation of communities hosting children out of the family in Palermo and Bucharest

Training Toolkit [EN]