Workshop: Best practices in children care sector and National Children Care System comparison

The first International Workshop of the CHILD project took place in Palermo. FOR. CHILD organized by the 3P Cooperative with the support of the Guarantor of Childhood and Adolescence of the municipality of Palermo and the Union of Assessorati of Palermo. The project partners, the Association Conil and Hraniti Copii of Romania and the Directorate General for Social Assistance and Child Protection of District 1 and 3 bucharest were present at the event. In the morning the manager of service 6, Family and Youth Policies, Dr. Antonio Grasso, of the Region of Sicily, the Guarantor of Childhood and Adolescence of the municipality of Palermo Paquale D'Andrea, Dr. Carmela D'Amico who presented "Good community practices, The Palermo model, the manager of district 3 of Bucharest Mihaela Ungureanu, the junior researchers of the University of Palermo Lorena Allegra and Cristina Guardino , and Dr. Dario Corso who presented the first data of the research he is carrying out on communities housing for children 14-18 years. Dr. Carmela Sorrentino, child project coordinator, moderated the interventions and presented the project. After a short socialization lunch, in the afternoon there were testimonies of good practices identified during the project activities: the Care leavers network of the Association Facilitating presented by Silvia Sanchini, head of communication; the "Take flight" programme to support and support new adults leaving reception paths; Danut Fleaca of District 1 of Bucharest who spoke to us about the evolution of the child protection system in Romania in the last 20 years and finally Dr. Luisa Pandolfi, researcher of Experimental Pedagogy of the University of Sassari told us about her research in the educational field on programs aimed at care leavers from whose analysis she extracted a matrix of protective and risk factors addressed in her book "Building Resilience". The workshop was aimed at social workers, educators, community leaders, psychologists but also teachers and above all at the children themselves as direct beneficiaries of the project itself. Positive was the response of the participants who had the opportunity to confront a current theme, such as the new good practices aimed at care leavers and specifically programs to support autonomy for those who leave the reception paths.